Offering SHELTER and HOPE amidst the storm

Foundation Board

The foundation board supports the mission and vision of Safe Harbor through fundraising to ensure its future, financial stability and growth. Each year the board organizes a number of fundraising events to benefit Safe Harbor. Additionally, the board helps to ensure Safe Harbor operates efficiently so that it can continue the organization’s mission and fulfill commitments to children and families.  If you are interested in joining our foundation board please contact Gina Karst.


Kelli Schaunaman, Production Monkeys

Vice President

Matilda Grobe, Plains Commerce Bank


Judon Reinbold, Plains Commerce Bank


Carrie Cole, Aberdeen American News

Board Members

Bea Smith

Danielle Oliver

Kristie Martin

Kyle Walz 

Laura Rosenbaum

Rhonda Hilsendeger

Stacey Lust