August Update

July was the beginning of our fiscal year along with the beginning of a new grant cycle. Read on for insight from our Assistant Executive Director, LaVonne.

State and federal grants make up 76.5% of our budget.

These grants assist in paying for utilities, maintenance, insurance, telephone, rent and deposits, security equipment, community education and a portion of salaries. A contract with the Department of Social Services and a grant from the Unified Judicial Services allow children the opportunity to visit their parents in a safe, neutral environment. We also receive a grant through the local United Way agency which helps with expenses including our visitation program, Kids Konnection, payroll for administrative staff, and repairs and maintenance to the building. 

We appreciate your donations.

Financial donations make up a small percentage of our budget but are very important for our clients’ wellbeing. These allow us to treat our clients to a special meal now and again, flowers on Mother’s Day, or taking the kids to a movie occasionally. They also allow us to pay other client necessities that grants will not cover. Donations make a huge difference in our clients’ lives and experience in safely leaving.

2020 donations are down.

Due to COVID-19, we have had to cancel or postpone many of our usual fundraisers so our total donations are lower than anticipated. Please consider donating online, through Venmo @SafeHarborAberdeenSD, or sending a check to PO Box 41, Aberdeen, SD 57402-0041. Items from our wish list are also very appreciated.