Purple Potty

Our Purple Potty is making its rounds in Aberdeen!  Last year we had a great turnout of community members and businesses wanting to participate. It was so popular that this year we NEEDED to have two purple potties to keep up with the demand. It is exciting to see how well received something like a toilet can be in bringing awareness to the mission of Safe Harbor.  Domestic violence and sexual assault are not fun topics, so having the Purple Potty is a good way to bring some awareness to our area.

If you know someone who needs a purple potty on their lawn, it is $20 to nominate them and is completely anonymous. Don’t forget to buy the lawn insurance to ensure it won’t be coming back to you!

July is also National Make a Difference for Children month.  We are always able and ready to serve children that are victims.  During this difficult time of COVID-19, children have the misfortune of missing out on many of their usual summer activities. This is unfortunate not only because children’s’ extracurricular help to beat the “boredom” of summer but also because the children that are being neglected and/or abused are not able to reach out to the resources that could normally help them.  Children don’t have the interaction with caretakers that would make a report to Child Protection Services or law enforcement if there was a suspicion of abuse and/or neglect.  If you are ever suspicious or concerned about the well-being of a child, call your local law enforcement agency to do a welfare check.  You are able to make the call anonymously.

To make a difference for the children in our area, please consider donating to any agency or organization in your community that provides resources or activities for children. These services truly make a difference by offering kids an outlet to escape what may be happening in their home and allow the caretaker to observe and report if necessary. While many of these facilities are still closed, they will need our support when they are able to open their doors again.

Thanks! – Gina