Understanding Supervised Visits with Kids Konnection

Supervised Visitation Centers exist to provide a safe haven for children during parental visitation and custody exchanges.

We Believe

•    Parents need a support and a resource
•    A needed service to provide opportunities for children to know their parents

Our Goals

•    To preserve parent-child relationships by providing a safe and supportive  environment for children to visit  noncustodial adults
•    To provide an environment where children do not have to witness conflict in regards to adult issues during a custodial exchange
•    To help families maintain, establish or re-establish healthy contact with parents and significant adults

Who May Use Visitation and Exchange Services?

•    Families in which visitation times are sources of conflict witnessed by the children
•    Families in which there is a repeated pattern of inconsistency or irresponsibility in exercising visitation
•    Parents who have Protection Orders or Disorderly Conduct Orders
•    Families where children are in foster care
•    Families of where there is a concern about a parent leaving the area with their child or children
•    Referrals from Family Courts, Social Services, Court Services, Attorneys, Self-Referrals