Spillover of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence does not stay home when the victim leaves for the day. It can follow them to the grocery store, school, children’s activities and most often work. Domestic violence is very dangerous and can escalate so quickly. One issue that we see often at our office, is victim’s scared that someone else will be harmed, that they may come to their work, or even lose their job because of the abuse. It is important that as a community we are educated on domestic violence and how it can spillover in our community.

All businesses should be aware of how domestic violence spills-over into the workplace and the liabilities they could face. It is key that not only is there a policy about harassment, but also about domestic violence.It is also extremely important that each employee understands these policies. Domestic violence is not just a victim’s issue, but a community issue and it is important that we are educated. If you’d like more information on this topic please contact us.