Support Group

Free Confidential Support

At Safe Harbor, we know that healing and growth can’t happen alone. We offer survivors of family violence a chance to connect in our confidential support group. In the group, you have the opportunity to gain support, confidence, encouragement and strength from others in similar, difficult situations.

Join Us on Tuesdays

We meet each Tuesday from 6:30p to 7:30p. If you want to join us, please RSVP by 2pm on Tuesday by either calling 605-226-1212 or emailing us at

Get Your Life Back

Our peer-led support group gives victims a sense of control over the quality and direction of their lives. Each session incorporates a variety of activities based on what would be most beneficial to the group. Activities include crafts, worksheets, videos, and discussions. We can also provide childcare for anyone in need of the service.

Supplying For My Basic Needs

"[Safe Harbor] has supplied even my basic needs as a human: clothes, good food, a secure roof over my head, transportation, parenting classes, childcare and access to a support group."

- Domestic Abuse Survivor, Name Withheld