Kids Konnection – Preparing your Child for Visitation

Here are five steps you can take to prepare your child for their visitation at Kids Konnection.

  1. Talk to your child(ren) about what to expect–it’s important that they know where the visit will take place and who will be there.
  2. Encourage visitation- let them know that you are okay about the visits taking place at the visitation center.
  3. Adhere to a regular schedule–this not only creates trust but also lets the children know they are important to you.
  4. Let the visit be a visit–this is not the time to ask questions or speak negatively about the other parent.
  5. Be patient during the visit–let your children dictate the pace and the space. They may not be ready for hugs/kisses.

A visit can be an anxious time for any child. Whether the child has seen the parent on a regular basis or if it has been several months since the last contact, the child may still not know what to expect. It is up to both parents to ensure that this will be a positive experience for the children. The custodial parent has a responsibility to prepare the children for any visitation and to answer any questions they may have. The visiting parent is responsible to focus on the children during the visit and answer any questions they may have. Do not “pump” your child for information about hte other parent before, during or after the visit. It’s important to separate what should be told to an attorney (or other adult) and what can be told to your child.