March Update

March is a fun-filled month of grant writing, finishing up last minute additions to Victim Service’s grants due this month.

We are also in full swing planning for Sexual Assault Awareness and Child Abuse Prevention Awareness for the month of April. In planning for these activities, we are asking the community to donate jeans in any size and children shoes in any condition at a later time. The jeans and kids shoes will be used for awareness activities, they will not be worn by any one. *Please note – we are not receiving donations at this time as a precaution for Coronavirus.

Kids Konnection is preparing for the Great Transition! Our Visitation Coordinator, Debbie Menzel, is retiring at the end of April after 18 years! Brianna Neri who has been working in Kids Konnection for 2 years will be transitioning into the Coordinator position. Brianna has some big shoes to fill we know she will do a great job. In the shelter we have hired all of our 24/7 staff which will provide added safety and allow for better case management and healing for the people we serve.

– Gina Karst, Executive Director