May Update

May is supervised visitation awareness month and Kids Konnection has been able to provide a safe and neutral space as free of conflict as possible for over 400 children in the past year.  It has been really challenging with the recent Corona Virus going on but our staff and our clients really stepped up and made the best out of what we had. We are excited to be up and running for another year and are looking into some new things to offer to our clients so we can continue to provide them the best service as possible. During this awareness month we have had fun hiding rocks and giving out prizes to those who found them. We also had a guessing game for people to guess how many orange slices were in the jar and a lot of great activity for that as well. Also thank you to the Oil room for handing out our orange ribbons and supporting our cause. We plan on having more fundraisers throughout the year to make the awareness more consistent so be on the lookout for more fun!

Brianna, Kids Konnection Director